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You May Ask:


What about the Brazilian churches?  What are they doing for missions?  I have talked to several of the Brazilian pastors, and they are excited about working together with the churches in America to help Apoio Ministries.  Even our favela work supports six church planting projects and one prison ministry.  Our São Bernardo work supports eighteen church planting ministries.  The Brazilians are doing a great work for the Lord, but imagine how much more we could do together!    


Our plan is to establish partners that would help fund these vital ministries.

Whether you're an individual, businessman or woman, company, or church, you can make a difference in a child's life, a seminary student, or a national pastor in his church planting ministry. 


Would you consider "adopting" a child for the day school program?  Thirty-one ($31) a month will get a child off the streets and into a God honoring day school where they will learn about Jesus' love for them.


Would you help send a young man or woman to a seminary?  Any donation amount will be a wonderful help!  For $2400, a student's tuition would be paid for the full four years.  That comes out to only $50 a month or $600 each year.  Just imagine the impact that you could have on his or her life!   We need people sold out for Jesus to establish new works in Brazil and throughout the world.  In many parts of our world, the doors are wide open for a Brazilian to enter, whereas it is a closed field for Americans.  Together, we can see lives changed!


Would you be willing to help support a Brazilian national pastor for a period of one year as he begins a new work?  If we could acquire (10) ten churches or individuals to give $32 a month for one year, the national pastor would be able to reach his area for Christ.



Would you help us to create a resource center that would provide materials for our national pastors and teachers?  One exciting resource is our "Fill A Footlocker Campaign!  We've provided a list of ideas on the Resource Center Program. Video Projectors for our pastors and stickers for our teachers are just an example of how you can get involved!  This resource center will also help us in the training of new teachers.  Over a period of (1) one year, Dana and I have been privileged to offer workshops for our people who were interested in teaching.  All in all, we've had the privilege of training 25 new teachers in 2016.


 For those of you who desire to support Apoio Ministry's general fund, your donation will help to offset the cost of shipping the footlockers.


​Dana and I are passionate about Apoio Ministries and the results that it will provide to the nation of Brazil!


If we all do something…

More can be accomplished for His Glory.

More lives can be changed for the cause of Chris

More children can taken off the streets.

More churches established for His Glory.



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