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Our mission


Dear Reader, 


In 2016, Dana and I were called by God to expand our church planting ministry beyond the mega city of São Paulo, Brazil.  We chose “Apoio” because of its simple description. It means “to support.”   Apoio Ministries is a very effective support ministry.  


Our goal is to help the national pastor ~ financially, emotionally, and physically ~ plant new works throughout Brazil, to provide a refuge for the children and teens in the largest slum area of São Paulo and throughout other areas of Brazil, to offer Bible College scholarships to men and women who surrender to full-time ministry, and to meet the need for Sunday School materials.   


Follow us on social media (  Rejoice with us as new converts experience the joy of their salvation!  God is abundantly blessing Apoio Ministries.  Be a part of our team!  Donate today.  You won’t regret it ~~ I guarantee it!



God’s Blessings To You,


Mark and Dana McCutchen

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